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Kalemat By Arabian Oud

Kalemat By Arabian Oud

Those who know Arabian Oud Company need no more clarification.
Makers of Top Quality Perfumes having shops around the world
Feel free to visit their shop on Oxford St London and see their prices!
For a Limited time only
Arabian Oudh Kalemat fragrance is invigorating, it reconstitutes a sensual and attractive space, within which one can escape the pressures it generates attractive, and makes you smile again.

It smells sweet for inner well-being, he gives life and helps to recharge. In an instant, the quiet re-live your body.
Spiritual : Breathe and relax and open yourself to joy in the radiance of the Eastern perfume.

Kalemat was prepared with a mixture of perfume ingredients: Egyptian Musk, the argawood of India, Amber Oudh, Star Anise, Pink Flower, Grape, Honey Leaves, Kashmir Wood etc... all have been manufactured in Eastern art.
These scents are mostly imported from India is the cradle of perfume, UAE, Syria and Yemen.

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