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"A beautiful, classic Oriental attar from PPG. Reminds me of vintage Shalimar. Doesn't get any better, particularly for the price. This is now a signature scent for me, and I will be a lifelong customer. Thanks!"

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I absolutely love this scent. I bought the White Oud oil as well Rose Istanbuli and both smell amazing. It's a soft, sweet rose scent that layers well with others. Of the PPG rose scents I have, this is probably the lightest and easiest to layer. Love it.

"Floral incense in oil form. Absolutely beautiful, fresh, slightly woody, and almost from another time. The lotus in this blend, along with the jasmine, is intoxicating. I'll be holding on to this perfume for years to come! A tiny bit will do you good for hours."

"Absolutely amazing! Gorgeous golden colour, not too thick, and smells otherworldly. Woody, sweet, ethereal, and has the character of civet oddly enough. Slightly smoky, but it's that barnyard coming out ( which I adore). Awesome stuff, indeed! Thank you guys so much, and all the best!"

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"Seven flowers in black musk is pretty intoxicating! Sweet, clear, almost dewy rose blooms from a woody/ incense-like base. Not aggressive, powdery, or old, just settled beautifully with my body chemistry and lingering on my skin all day long. You will want to go back to it time after time. So glad I found this shop =D"

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